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Send An Insult is the only place to send novelty insulting messages to your friends via email.

When you send an insult from, the recipient will receive an email with a link to retrieve your insult; once they have read your insult, they have the chance to reply to you right away.

Random Insult
Your family tree is good but you are the sap.

Step 1/2: Select an insult to send.
They just invented a new coffin just for you that goes over the head. It's for people who are dead from the neck up.
You should do some soul-searching. Maybe you'll find one.
I would like the pleasure of your company but it only gives me displeasure.
And which dwarf are you?
If you act like an ass, don't get insulted if people ride you.
Perhaps your whole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.
If I wanted to hear from an ass, I'd fart.
You're so ugly your husband goes everywhere alone.
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