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Send An Insult is the only place to send novelty insulting messages to your friends via email.

When you send an insult from, the recipient will receive an email with a link to retrieve your insult; once they have read your insult, they have the chance to reply to you right away.

Random Insult
There is no vaccine against stupidity.

Step 1/2: Select an insult to send.
You're so dumb, if I gave you a penny for your thoughts, I'd expect change!
I understand you, but thousands wouldn't!
I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass.
I hear that when your mother first saw you, she decided to leave you on the front steps of a police station while she turned herself in.
You are so dumb you sit on the TV and watch the sofa.
When you fell out of the ugly tree, you hit every branch on the way down.
Bang your head against the wall, you unwashed moldy sock devouring wanker who serves the greasy goblin and the unsavory bungweed.
When you get run over by a car, it shouldn't be listed under accidents.
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